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Welcome to VPCONTRACTORSCO.COM  our company site!

We are a family owned company and have been around for over 9 years! As general CONTRACTOR, no project is too small or too big for us and we can always guarantee your satisfaction no matter what! Click below to learn more about us and see our work!!

about us

VP CONTRACTORS  is a family owned business established in Colorado in 2014. We started out with only a few paintbrushes and a single ladder. Overtime, drywall, siding, welding and much more was added to our list of many services.  One of our best qualities is that we always guarantee our work no matter how big or small the project is. You won't ever have to worry about paying twice on a project because it will always come out right the first time! Take a look at some of the work we do below.

We have a wide range of services. 

These are only a few of them!​​



flooring & trim






PS: Be on the lookout for our vans!

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we always offer quality services

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