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Interior & Exterior Painting

VP Contractors team of experts provides  interior and exterior painting services for your residential home or commercial property. Our team of experts will evaluate your property onsite and give estimates based on your painting needs. Our company offers various options of paint colors and paint finishes that you can choose from. We believe each customer is unique, so you must choose the color that moves you best! 

Did you know?

When planning on painting your interior walls you must first prep and plan out your project. Here are a few steps of what must be done prior to picking up a painting brush:

*Your must first choose your favorite interior paint color, we understand this part may be overwhelming since there is huge number of colors to choose from. 

*Then you must choose a finish. What is a finish you might ask? A finish in the paint world just means how glossy you want your paint to be! Some customers choose a flat finish and some desire a really mid to high shinny glossy finish. Our experts will assist you with the best choice, some areas in your home require a eggshell or flat finish, and some areas in your home require a high glossy finish.

*You must decide how much paint you will need to complete your project. This varies on many factors like: How many layers of paint will you need, what is the square feet of your project, do you require to lay down prime prior to paint coat and so many other factors. But don't worry, this is why VP Contractors is here to advise you of your best choices as this can be overwhelming. 

*On this step, you might see this as the most difficult stage of your project, but this is where our company shines! Can you guess!? "Prepping your walls! Yes, prepping your walls is a must, and our company has many years of experience prepping walls to obtain the best wall painting results. 

Why prep your walls?

Overtime, your walls get full of grease, stains, oil and dust. Not to mention, wear and tear from moving furniture or simply damaging your walls when pumping on to it every once in a while. 

*First, you must wash your walls & trim and use sand paper for difficult areas for a smooth painting surface. 

*Another step of this process is patching holes or cracks and or replace an entire drywall section to obtain the best results. 

*Tapping and masking is another important step to your project. This includes masking areas where you don't want to paint and also covering your floors to prevent paint spillage and causing damage to you floors or carpet.

When do I start painting my walls you may ask?

Well, once all steps have been completed, now you are ready to paint! 

What type of properties do we paint?

VP Contractors has the team power and expertise for small or large projects. Our projects include: Apartment Complex Interior Painting and Exterior Painting, Office Suites Interior Painting, Residential Home Interior Painting and Exterior Painting, Commercial Retail Stores Interior Painting, Townhomes or Condo Interior Painting and Exterior Painting and Custom Commercial buildings.

Our team of painting experts have many years of experience with interior painting and exterior painting. VP Contractors will assist you from start to finish and guarantee customer satisfaction on every project.

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