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Drywall Installation, Repair & Texture Services

VP Contractors LLC is a local Colorado company with multiple remodeling services at your fingertips. Our company has been serving all Colorado communities and has a team of experts to take on small to large projects.

Our services include drywall installations, drywall repairs and texture remodeling services. 

Drywall Installation, drywall repairs and adding texture are not easy tasks, and must be done properly, with knowledge and experience.

Looking in to adding an addition to your home!? How about fixing damaged drywall, or adding texture to create an attractive finish on the walls and ceilings?

VP Contractors will evaluate and provide you with an estimate on site at no cost to you. Our team is knowledgeable and fully prepared to take on your next project. 

Tired of placing picture frames to cover damaged drywall?

Our team will evaluate damage, find a solution for your concerns and will repair in a timely manner so you can rest assure your drywall is back to full replacement condition.

Did you know? 

Did you know that in order to complete a drywall repair task you must carry multiple tools?

YES, there is a list of tools that can help guide and prepare you for the most difficult drywall installations or repairs. The following list of basic tools can assist with getting the job done: 

*Drywall Knife *Drywall Lifts *Jab Saw *Electric Drywall Saw *Utility Knife *T-square *Tape Measure *Dust Mask *Drywall Mud Pan *Carpenter's Pencil *Mixers *Pan Grips *Texture Sprayers *Drywall Screws *Drywall Screw Gun *Sanding Sponges *Sanding Pole *Corner SanderYES, we know this is overwhelming. Don't worry, our team of experts has the tools and equipment to handle all drywall installations, drywall repairs and texture!

Our team of Drywall experts have many years of experience with drywall installations, drywall repairs and drywall texture. VP Contractors will assist you from start to finish and guarantee customer satisfaction on every project.

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